Purolite C100E Water Softener Resin Review

Brand Purolite   Structure 8% Cross Linked Standard Mesh, Gel Polystyrene Divinylbenzene Life Expectancy 5-15 years (Dependant on water source) Operating temperature 150-degree C (300-degree F) Resin Type Gel Polystyrenic Ionic Form Na+ Physical Form and Appearance Clear spherical beads, Wet Moisture Retention 46-50% (Na+ form) Whole Bead Count 90% min Screen Size Range 16 … Read more

10 Best Water Softener Resins in 2022 Review

If you landed here, then you’re clearly trying to find out what the best resins for water softener are you can buy for removing iron, magnesium, and calcium from hard water It’s also safe to assume that you don’t want to waste countless hours of searching through hundreds of websites just to find the best … Read more