What Does Reverse Osmosis Remove?

To survive, everyone needs water, and clean water for that matter. Contaminated water is a source of many ailments and infections like typhoid and cholera, diseases known to kill their victims if they go untreated. According to World Health Organization (WHO), more than 150,000 people die of typhoid worldwide every year. The same statistic applies to cholera. You can avoid drinking contaminated water by buying bottled water from registered and regulated companies, but that would be too expensive. The easiest … Read More

How to Sanitize Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

It is necessary to clean or sanitize your reverse osmosis or RO system at least once every six months or annually, depending on its use. The best time to cleanse it is when replacing both the filter and the membrane canisters. Cleaning ensures that you get pure and quality water free from pathogens or any potentially harmful micro-organisms. This process is usually simple and straightforward, so you can do it yourself if you have the time. Otherwise, you could hire … Read More

Best Countertop Water Distillers for Safe, Clean, and Fresh-Tasting Water

Think drinking water from your tap is safe? Not to incite fear, but the water coming straight from your faucet might just be causing you more harm than good. With every glass, you could be ingesting hundreds of contaminants. If you wish to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of drinking tap water, the best countertop water distiller is what you need. It is known to effectively get rid of viruses, bacteria, and unhealthy chemicals. As a result, … Read More

Top 6 Best Bottleless Water Coolers for Home and Commercial Use

Tired of that bulky traditional water dispenser taking away the beauty of your kitchen? You know you need hydration, but is there a way you can have clean water minus that big, blue, plastic water jug? They say that necessity breeds invention, and there is no better saying to explain the use of plastic than this. However, if you’re among the growing number of people concerned enough about our planet to lessen their plastic use, then you’d love to have … Read More

6 Best Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Dispensers of 2021

How sure are you that the water you’re drinking is clean and safe to consume? When it comes to drinking water, especially those coming straight from our tap, we can’t always be sure that it doesn’t contain impurities. In fact, it would be more accurate to assume that it’s contaminated than to be confident about its quality. Because of this, we tend to rely on the safety that bottled drinking water offers. Then again, stocking on bottles after bottles of … Read More

Best Tankless Reverse Osmosis System – A Head-to-Head Battle for the Purest Water

The search is over. Today marks the day that we deliver to you one of the essentials that have been missing from your home—the best tankless reverse osmosis system. We understand that you want to get your money’s worth every time you buy a product. We also know how stressful it is to visit your local hardware or home appliance store and ask about the product you’re looking for. Don’t worry; we took the trouble upon ourselves and came up … Read More

Best Countertop Reverse Osmosis Systems for Safer Drinking Water

Are you worried that the water your family is drinking isn’t of the best quality? Depending on where you live, there is a high likelihood that the water coming out of your kitchen tap contains contaminants. As such, without a filter, your drinking water might be contaminated with chlorine, salt, or VOCs. Good thing, there are many ways for you to address this problem. One of the simplest would be to invest in the best countertop reverse osmosis system. This … Read More

5 Best Top Loading Water Dispensers of 2021

It goes without saying that keeping your body well hydrated is one of the best ways to fight off health issues. We are mostly made of water, which is why a lack of it in our system can cause many unpleasant symptoms. Among the most common signs of dehydration are tiredness, dizziness, dry mouth, eyes, and lips, as well as a rapid heartbeat. These are just mild symptoms, too. Severe dehydration may also lead to fainting and seizures. Obviously, you’re … Read More

Top 5 Best Iron Water Filters of 2021

Is well water safe to drink? Apparently, no. Well waters are teeming with harmful microorganisms, bacteria, and parasites. And it has a huge amount of iron. Iron gives the water an off-putting taste and smell. It can also stain any surface it comes in contact with. The good news is, you can make well water potable and Iron-free with the best iron water filters. The amount of iron found in well waters isn’t enough to give adverse effects to your body. … Read More

6 Best Water Descalers of 2021

If you live in a hard water environment you definitely need a water descaler. It will help you to prevent limescale from accumulating on your showers and sinks. Finding the best water descaler for you may not be easy with the several brands that we have in the market. This is especially if it’s the first time you are getting a water descaler for your home. For that reason, we bring you an analysis of the top 6 electronic water descaler reviews from an … Read More

Fleck 5600 SXT 64,000 Grains Water Softener Review

Fleck 5600SXT 64,000 Grain Water Softener Digital SXT Metered Whole House System is a top-notch water softener that comes with smart features usually not found in any other products. It is what you may choose as your go-to product if you prefer a simple metered home water softening system. This fantastic unit outperforms other water softeners that are even more expensive. An elaborate review of a cost-effective digital water softener in the market is here. Although it is a bit … Read More

Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener Review

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is an amazing product that works on all types of water pipes (except lead and iron). It is mainly a descaler which works on both tap and well water. Lightweight and compact size make it perfect for the home. The product is much cheaper than your Traditional Water Softener too! It is CE and FCC certified to U.S, UK and EU standards. Main Properties If you are looking for an alternative to Water Softener than this descaling system is … Read More

Aquios Fs220 Salt Free Water Softener Review

Tired of adding salt to your Water Softener? No need to be worried! The Aquios AQFS220 Salt-Free Water Softener and Filter System can be the best option for you, Main Properties If you are looking for a two in one water softening & Filtering system, then this is your go-to option. It softens and filters your water while ensuring there is no pressure loss.  It flows at a rate of between 12 to 13 gallons per minute. Serving an average family of … Read More

Purolite C100E Resin Review

Full Specs Brand Purolite   Structure 8% Cross Linked Standard Mesh, Gel Polystyrene Divinylbenzene Life Expectancy 5-15 years (Dependant on water source) Operating temperature 150-degree C (300-degree F) Resin Type Gel Polystyrenic Ionic Form Na+ Physical Form and Appearance Clear spherical beads, Wet Moisture Retention 46-50% (Na+ form) Whole Bead Count 90% min Screen Size Range 16 – 50 mesh Total Capacity 1.9 eq/L (41.5 Kgr/ft³) (Na+ form) Origin Country U.S.A Principal Applications Beverage and food processing Softening- potable water … Read More

Best Sediment Filters in 2021 Top Picks and Reviews

Are you looking for the best sediment filter for well water? Then look no further as this article is just what you need. Here, you will discover the 6 Best whole house sediment filter Reviews and other things you need to know about Sediment filter. Let’s explore together, shall we? As we are going to discuss water filtration, we are going for the best options for the well water sediment filters. Clean and purified water is a vital need, and there are reliable sources … Read More

8 Best Fluoride Water Filters of 2021 Review

What is the best water filters that Really remove the fluoride to protect You and your family? Now that many people have understood the dangers of fluoride to the health that is the most popular question. Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place. Fluoride is one of the most harmful chemicals, even when it is in low amounts and when it is added to the water supply, it becomes harder to monitor how much you take in on … Read More

5 Best Salt Free Water Softeners 2021 – Top Picks & Reviews

Are you annoyed with mineral scale but hesitant to introduce salt into your water? Then, salt free water softener is an easy solution for you. This type of saltless water softener offers much wider range of benefits over the conventional salt-based water softeners. In fact, it’s a green alternative to the conventional salt-based water softener.  But here’s a thing… Not all water softeners are built the same. Your unit must contain certain features to do an effective job at water … Read More

Types of Water Filtration Methods – All You Need to Know​

What Is Water Filtration? Water filtration is a general system of eliminating pollutants and particles from water. The aim of this process is to remove undesirable chemicals, suspended solids, bacteria, and biological contaminants from water thus making it safe for drinking. There are a lot of filters that can be used for this process. However, in this article, we will be focusing more on the importance of filtration, as well as the various methods used in our societies today. Importance … Read More

10 Best Water Softener Resins 2021 – Reviews & Ultimate Guide

If you landed here, then you’re clearly trying to find out what the best resins for water softener are you can buy for removing iron, magnesium, and calcium from hard water It’s also safe to assume that you don’t want to waste countless hours of searching through hundreds of websites just to find the best rated Water Softener Resins that fit your specific needs. Well, you’re in luck! On this page, you’ll find everything you need to quickly make the right decision … Read More

How to Replace Water Softener Resin [A Complete Guide]

After years of exposure to chlorinated water (10 to 15 years), the resin from your water softener will most likely get damaged and thus the need to learn how to replace water softener resin. You will also have to change it if it fails to put out any soft water or runs out of soft water quickly.To tell whether your tank’s resin bed is damaged, check out to see whether the softener is using up the added salt at a … Read More

Best Whole House Water Filters in 2021 – Reviews and Comparisons

Safe, clean drinking water is vital to the health of you and your family and a quality water filter will remove harmful contaminants. Not only does this make the water safe for consumption, but it also improves the taste. You have a lot of options for home water filters. Although each type has its pros and cons, a whole house water filter is one of the very best. This type of water filtration system actually connects to your home’s main … Read More