Difference Between Tank and Tankless Reverse Osmosis System

A reverse osmosis water purification system is a popular water filter system used in both residential and commercial establishments. It can remove almost all types of bacteria and water impurities. Over time, there has been an increased need for this type of this water filter system. And for this reason, manufacturers have tried to create … Read more

Is There Anything Better than Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is one of the most powerful and effective water filtration method today. It is really good at removing water contaminants and making your water pure and safe for drinking. Actually, in some situations, nothing else besides reverse osmosis will do the job, for instance, in areas with high levels of nitrates. But is … Read more

What is the Disadvantage of Reverse Osmosis Water?

Reverse osmosis is an effective water filtration and purification process. It is a method of removing contaminants from water by applying pressure. Many businesses and homes use RO for different water purification purposes since it’s highly reliable. At home, they help improve tap water and reduce arsenic from well water. Although great, it isn’t a … Read more

How Much Does an Under sink Reverse Osmosis Cost?

Are you interested in purchasing an under sink reverse osmosis system? Well, with its unique design and impressive water contaminant removal capabilities, it’s worth going for. The price of an under sink RO system depends on several factors, including the size, brand, filter replacement, contaminants removal capacity, convenience, among others. And do you know that … Read more

Do Water Descalers Really Work?

If your water is loaded with minerals, the chances are that it’s leaving nasty film in your dishes. Have you also noticed that the annoying residue doesn’t fade away even after cleaning your countertops? This is because you only have hard water flowing from your taps. But do you know that a water descaler might … Read more

What can be Removed with Reverse Osmosis System?

A Reverse osmosis system helps to purify drinking water. It is one of the best water purification methods and can remove up to 98% water contaminants. RO systems remove common contaminants from the water, including heavy metals, mineral ions such as magnesium and calcium. It can also remove nitrates, pesticides, fluoride, sulfates, bacteria, arsenic, and … Read more

Can I Use Reverse Osmosis Water in Place of Distilled Water?

Although there are other water purifications methods, reverse osmosis and distillation are the most widely recognized. The 2 purification processes share the same goal and ensure that your household has access to safe and drinkable water. However, even if these methods aim at making water safe and healthy for drinking, they have differences that set … Read more

Reverse Osmosis vs. Water Softener: What’s the Difference?

Reverse osmosis systems and water softeners are two of the most effective methods of treating hard water. And although both produce clean and healthy water, each is unique with positives and negatives to consider. So the big question is, which one is better? If considering getting a water treatment system but torn between the two, … Read more

How to Remineralize Reverse Osmosis Water

There’s no argument that RO is one of the best ways of purifying water. But there’s a problem with RO water – it lacks essential minerals required in the body. And how does this happen? During reverse osmosis, impurities and contaminants get removed from the water. Although this is a good thing, minerals like calcium … Read more

Difference Between Reverse Osmosis and Distilled Water

If looking for ways to purify your water, you’ll have to use either distillation or reverse osmosis water purification system. Both reverse osmosis and distillation are methods of purifying water. However, they function in very different ways. So, what are the differences between these two water purification methods? Is one better than the other? Understanding … Read more