Aquios Fs220 Salt Free Water Softener Review

Tired of adding salt to your Water Softener?

No need to be worried!

The Aquios AQFS220 Salt-Free Water Softener and Filter System can be the best option for you,

Aquios AQFS220 Full House Salt Free Water Softener and Filter System - New Model
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Aquios AQFS220 Full House Salt Free Water Softener and Filter System - New Model
  • SCALE PREVENTION: Prevents and removes lime-scale accumulation by sequestering hard minerals and inhibiting precipitation and the formation of scale deposits.
  • CORROSION INHIBITION: Forms a protective coating on metal surfaces and provide corrosion protection against acidity, alkalinity, and many other mineral salts which may lead to the "rusting out" of water system pipes and equipment.
  • CHLORINE REMOVAL: Utilizes 5 micron, coconut carbon block filtration to remove chlorine odor and taste.
  • CHLORINE REMOVAL: Utilizes 5 micron, coconut carbon block filtration to remove chlorine odor and taste.
  • WHOLE HOUSE WATER FILTRATION: Point of entry system (POE) removes dirt, sand, silt, rust particles and other sediment from your water throughout the entire home.

Main Properties

If you are looking for a two in one water softening & Filtering system, then this is your go-to option. It softens and filters your water while ensuring there is no pressure loss.

 It flows at a rate of between 12 to 13 gallons per minute. Serving an average family of 6 people.

The Aquios AQFS220 is suitable for softening well water with a hardness level of up to 30 grains per gallon. Furthermore, this unit works well without electricity. This reduces its running cost while increasing its areas where you can use it.

You do not have to worry about its maintenance or operational cost. This is because there is no electricity cost. Moreover, you will love its space-saving feature. Thanks to its sleek and compact design, which is smaller than other brands

But that does not compromise on its performance. The unit utilizes commercial and natural strength technology to soften your water.

What it removes

A unique feature of this unit is its softening process. Other softening systems remove calcium and manganese from hard water. But this unit does not remove calcium and manganese present in hard water.

Instead, there are polyphosphates beads present in the unit. These beads convert them into tiny crystals preventing buildup along pipes and fixtures.

Besides, it features a carbon-based cartridge system with a 5-micron level rating. This helps in removing harmful chemicals such as chlorine from the hard water.

What’s more, is the tough and abrasion-resistant material of the in-head valve? You, thus, get a durable water softening unit that guarantees you of service.

Though customers complain of its high price, it’s worth it. When you compare it to the quality of the product.

What to Expect

The Aquios AQFS220 is your perfect solution. Especially if you are in areas with a medium concentration of sediments and hard water. You can also pick it if you are on sodium restrictions since it does not use salt in its operation.

This unit can serve 6 people without feeling any pressure loss. You don’t have to worry about the price since it has a higher productivity level.

Its 20-year warranty gives you peace of mind while it performs its function.


  • Offers an extended warranty period of 20 years
  • It has a compact design that requires no electricity or maintenance.
  • Filters, conditions, and eliminates scale buildup with no pressure loss.
  • An easy to use water softening system which does not need any programming
  • Its sleek and compact design saves on the installation space


  • Frequent replacement of the cartridge. You need to check for sediment buildup, to know when to change the cartridge.
  • There is a limitation to the type of hard water it can filter. It is not ideal for the filtration of very hard water.
  • High replacement costs in areas with a higher sediment concentration level. But will work without any maintenance.


The benefits of this product highlight its features in a unique sense. It requires a small installation space. It even saves a lot of time and minimizes the running cost by a hefty amount.

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